Babara La Licata

Barbara La Licata


Biologist since 2003 by the University of Turin in Italy, Barbara is now working as a senior specialist in the Green Chemistry sector in Environment Park (EnviPark), Turin. She is in charge of the chemistry and microbiology laboratories and works in European projects focusing on circular economy, in particular regarding exploitation of agro-industrial byproducts, sustainability of production and supply chain, designing waste out of the system and fostering the innovation and the local sustainability. EnviPark, founded in 1996, is a Scientific and Technological Park located in Turin and provides businesses and public administrations with solutions for energy saving, waste disposal, clean energy, new materials and fundraising for businesses investing in innovation. The Green Chemistry sector has more than ten years of experience in biomass treatment and exploitation, for energy production and for biochemical and fuel generation. The Park has cooperated with private and public sectors in the definition of the best innovative solutions for organic wastes and by-products valorization.