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Fernanda Botelho


Fernanda Botelho studied medicinal plants at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. She lived for 17 years in England where she attended the Anthroposophical Society and took courses in Botany, Phytotherapy and Pedagogy.  

She took the Botanical Garden Guide course at the University of Lisbon with Professor Alexandra Escudeiro. 

She is a collaborator of the Eco Schools programme. 

Fernanda has authored a collection of children’s books “Salada de Flores“, “Sementes à Solta” and “Hortas Aromáticas“.  

She has published an annual agenda of medicinal plants since 2010; wrote “Uma mão cheia de plantas que curam“, “Ervas que se comem“, “As Plantas e a Saúde“. She is also co-author of “ O meu primeiro Herbário de Plantas Medicinais” and “ Cosmética Natural“. She organises plant recognition walks and workshops at the invitation of various associations, schools, and municipalities.  

She is one of the founders of the group Sintra sem Herbicidas. 

She participates in blogs and magazines and is a regular guest on RTP. She enjoys photography, writing and communicating. 




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