Francisco Rodriguez León

Francisco Rodríguez León


Paco has always been connected to agriculture and livestock. He belongs to the fourth generation of dairy cattle and goat farmers in his family. After finishing his academic training, he started a project to transform the family livestock farm into an experimentation and environmental education center called “El Arrecife Viejo”.

He is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Cordoba, Master in Plant Health and Agroforestry Ecosystems from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (120 ECTS).

Since 2012 he has advised numerous farms of all types, both livestock and agricultural, especially olive and citrus.

For 7 years he has been advising pasture farms in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, especially on farms affected by “La Seca”, a disease of the Quercus genus, on a total of more than 12,000 hectares. The methods applied are based on sustainable and regenerative management of ecosystems, following the natural principles that govern them. These are agricultural and livestock farms that used to manage the land in an extractive and short-term manner and that, thanks to the advice received, have changed their vision, moving towards a much more holistic and integrated production system, thus beginning the rejuvenation and recovery of the forest.