Jorge Pereira

Jorge Pereira


Jorge B. F. Pereira is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra (Portugal), where he is also vice-Director of Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre.

He earned is M.Sc. (2008) in Biological Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal, and during his M.Sc. he performed a six-month internship at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He obtained his Ph.D. (2013) in Chemical Engineering at University of Aveiro with Prof. João A. P. Coutinho (best thesis in technologies and natural sciences of the Mário Quartin Graça scientific award). He was a postdoctoral fellow (2013-2014) at The University of Alabama, USA, with Prof. Robin D. Rogers in a joint project with the MIT/Novartis research center.

From 2014 to 2019, Jorge Pereira was Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioprocesses and Biotechnology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the São Paulo State University (UNESP) – Brazil.

Since 2014, Jorge Pereira is leading the research team, “BioPPuL – Bioproducts’ Production and Purification Lab”, that focuses on the development of biotechnological processes for the production and purification of added-value bioproducts. Jorge Pereira main expertise is mainly related to the development of greener and sustainable (bio)technological technologies for the production and purification of value-added bio-products (such as natural products, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, etc.), using extraction-based technologies, particularly solid-liquid and liquid-liquid extraction processes (e.g., aqueous biphasic systems). Additionally, he is also an experienced researcher in the fields of integration and scale-up of separation processes; development of biotechnological processes with emphasis on fermentation; and study of interactions at molecular level in separation processes. JFBP published 78 papers in international leading peer-reviewed journals (more than 1850 citation and and H-index of 22).

Affiliation: Univ Coimbra, CIEPQPF, Department of Chemical Engineering, Rua Sílvio Lima, Pólo II – Pinhal de Marrocos, 3030-790 Coimbra, Portugal; e-mail:;