Marika Pellegrini – Cópia

Marika Pellegrini


Marika Pellegrini is a young researcher in environmental microbiology. She graduated with the highest qualification in Biology at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, with a thesis on the characterization of the microbial community of vineyards soils and its relevance on the quality of grapes. She attended the PhD in Food Sciences at the University of Teramo, performing 6 months of research experience at the IPOA laboratory of the University of Miguel Hernández de Elche in Spain. She received her doctorate with honours and the Doctor Europaeus certification in 2018. Since 2018 she works at the University of L’Aquila. Her main research project is about the plant growth-promoting microorganisms application for the sustainable production of food. She published 23 scientific articles in several international journals, in which she appears as the first author or as the corresponding author.