Foto Miguel Minhalma

Miguel Minhalma


Luís Miguel Minhalma is an adjunct Professor at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) since 2005. 

He earned his Degree in Chemical Engineering, Process and Industry branch, by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)Universidade Técnica de Lisboain 1994, and the PhD in Chemical Engineering with the theme “Synthesis and optimization of industrial wastewater recovery processes with integration of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration” in 2002. Since 2015Luís Miguel Minhalma is an Integrated researcher in Centro de Física e Engenharia de Materiais Avançados (CeFEMA), IST and has an H-index of 12, with 23 published peer-reviewed articles. He is also the author of 22 papers in international conferences proceedings and 69 oral communications. 

Currently, Luís Miguel Minhalma has as its main research interests: 

Analysis of flow and mass-transfer in membrane modules 

-Membrane separation processes 

Polymer materials for membrane applications