Miguel Tenorio


Miguel Ángel Gómez Tenorio is an Agricultural Engineer, member of the research group “Plant Production in Mediterranean Cropping Systems” of the University of Almeria. He is an expert in sustainable soil management and microbiology and a technical advisor for woody and horticultural crop farms. He comes from a family of farmers and stockbreeders, currently managing his own farm in the province of Granada. He is also responsible for Regenerative Agriculture in Alvelal Association carrying out the implementation of regenerative techniques with more than 200 producers in woody crops, mainly almond, olive, and pistachio.

Author of numerous scientific and informative publications to disseminate knowledge to advisors and farmers, he gives numerous practical and field workshops so that farmers can learn about regenerative techniques in a practical way and talks to raise awareness among farmers that it is possible to produce in a more sustainable way, obtaining products that are healthier and more respectful of the natural environment. He works both in extensive woody and herbaceous crops and in intensive horticultural crops in greenhouses, always with a view to change towards sustainable agriculture with common sense.

He is approachable, communicative, and committed, being a firm believer in the integration of agriculture and livestock farming. He is convinced that through rigorous demonstration and if we bring about a change of mentality, we can improve the situation for future generations.