Paula Bico

Paula Bico


Ana Paula Bico is Director of Nutrition and Food Services (DSNA) of the Directorate General of Food and Veterinary. In matters of food and nutrition she is responsible for the competencies of horizontal regulation and implementation of the respective plans in the matters under her competence.

In regulatory matters, of note are all the regulations on additives, flavors, enzymes, contaminants, consumer information including nutritional and health claims, GMOs, materials in contact, among others. On the nutrition side, she is also responsible for the regulation and control of foods for specific groups and food supplements.

She started her professional career at the General Inspection of Economic Activities between 1994-2000, Ministry of Economy.  She then moved to the Ministry of Agriculture where she has developed her activity in regulation, support to agribusiness and definition of official control since then.

She has a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology (1994) and a degree in Agro-Industrial Engineering (1988).