Teresa Pinto Correia

Teresa Pinto-Correia


Teresa Pinto-Correia has a BSc in Geography (Classical University of Lisbon, 1984), a European Msc in Environmental Sciences, option Environmental Management/ Environmental Sciences (1988), and a PhD in Landscape Monitoring and Management in European Rural Areas: Danish and Portuguese Case Studies of Landscape Pattern Dynamics/Landscape Ecology and Planning (University of Copenhagen, 1993).  

She is a full professor at University of Évora and the Vice President of the Mission Council, Mission Soil Health and Food from Horizon Europe. 

Her research focus in the areas of rural landscape dynamics and management, relations between agriculture and landscape, landscape multifunctionality, transition processes in rural areas, policies and management decisions at various scales, and relations of decision-makers and users with the landscape. She has collaborated and coordinated several national and European projects and studies in the area of rural landscapes, their characterization and evaluation, transformations, transitions and management. 

Teresa Pinto-Correia is also a deputy of the Executive and Supervisory Committee of the Degree in Geography, and the Executive Committee of the MSc in Landscape Ecology; she is also director of MED – Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, ICAAM, and of the courses commissions of the PhD programs in Landscape, Biodiversity and Society, and Interdisciplinary Landscape Management.